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AutoAI4EO is a part of the ADA Research Group at Leiden University’s LIACS (Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science). ADA is a distributed group between Leiden University and RTWH Aachen with a broad range of interests. The group is particularly known for its work on automated algorithm configuration and Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), but also works on SAT and optimisation problems, spatio-temporal data modelling, neural network verification and more. What unifies us despite this diversity is a commitment to responsible and human-centric AI (AI that complements, rather than replaces, human intelligence). We also typically aim for solutions that fall intothe category of ‘AutoAI’: methods aiming to, for example, automate arbitrary design decisions (such as the choice of machine learning model), automatically adapt models to new domains, or automatically construct specialised models over large generalist models.

Mitra Baratchi

Assistant Professor (Lead)

Holger Hoos

Professor (Lead ADA Research)

PhD student

PhD student

PhD student

BSc student

Past students

  • Julia Wasala,
  • Job Vink,
  • Nelly R. Palacios Salinas,
  • Victor Neuteboom,
  • Laurens Arp