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AutoML for Methane Plume Detection

Julia Wąsala

PhD student


  • Dr. Mitra Baratchi
  • Prof.dr. Thomas Bäck
  • Prof.dr. Holger Hoos
  • Dr. Bram Maasakkers
  • Prof.dr. Ilse Aben


Email: j.wasala<at>



Even though many tasks in Earth Observation require multiple data sources, there is no clear procedure of how to fuse multi-modal data, neither does there exist an AutoML system for this task. Julia is working on creating a Neural Architecture Search system for end-to-end data fusion: no more manual feature extraction.

In future work, Julia wants to apply her work to other EO tasks that will help combat climate change or help society in different ways. During her PhD she aims to combine data fusion with other ML disciplines like semi-supervised learning and spatio-temporal methods that will help leverage the available satellite data to the fullest possible extent.